Stop worrying about your income during times of unemployment.

Get back on your feet after losing your job




Personal Injury / Social Security / Disability

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Stop worrying about your income during times of unemployment.

Get back on your feet after losing your job

You shouldn't have to worry about the extra stresses that come along with having no income during periods of unemployment. Talk with us about how you can receive unemployment benefits during periods of job searching after being laid off.


Our experienced and professional legal representatives have dealt with many different kinds of cases, and unemployment is no exception. Get set up with your FREE initial consultation today and come talk with us about how you can get compensation to care for you and your family.

Trust the best attorneys with your case

Dealing with legal issues can be messy and stressful - don't make it harder on yourself by choosing an attorney that is not confident in their abilities to win you the money you're deserving of.


We genuinely want you and your family to receive the benefits you need, so we won't charge you any fees unless you collect! You'll be saving your valuable time and money by trusting the experienced attorneys at William K Christie & Associates to win your case.